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Sleep Apnea Appliance

Sleep Apnea

Do you have trouble sleeping or feel tired in the morning? These are questions that we will ask at your dental examination. Approximately 80% of people suffer from some level of sleep apnea. Traditionally, people with severe sleep apnea are placed on a CPAP (Constant Positive Airway Pressure)machine but people with mild to moderate sleep apnea are often not treated at all. If left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to other conditions such as obesity, heart disease, gastric reflux, diabetes, and depression. At Dental Arts Clinic we can test for sleep apnea using our medibyte level III take home sleep study. Once the study is complete the information is submitted to a sleep respirologist for diagnosis and recommendations. Although a CPAP machine treats sleep apnea they can be cumbersome to travel with, and not everyone can tolerate sleeping with a mask. A Micro2 mandibular advancement device can help with sleep apnea and snoring. It is a custom fit device that can be adjusted to get the best possible results. Click on the link below to fill out a simple questionnaire to see if you may have sleep apnea.

Epworth Sleepiness Scale

Instructions: Use the scale below to choose the most appropriate number for each situation and total the numbers at the bottom:

0 = would NEVER doze

1 = SLIGHT chance of dozing

2 = MODERATE chance of dozing

3 = HIGH chance of dozing

Situation Chance of dozing
Sitting and reading
Watching TV
Sitting inactive in a public place
As a passenger in a car for an hour
Laying down in the afternoon
Sitting and talking to someone
Sitting quietly after lunch (no alcohol)
In a car stopped for a few minutes
Total Score

Bed Partner Survey

Yes No
Do you witness your partner snoring?
Do you witness your partner choking or gasping for breath during sleep?
Does your partner pause or stop breathing during sleep?
Does your partner fall asleep easily, if given the opportunity, during the day (normal wakeful hours)?
Do you witness your partner clenching and/or grinding his/her teeth during sleep?
Does your partner still appear tired upon awakening from a normal night’s sleep?
Does your partner’s sleep habits disturb your sleep?
Does your partner sit up in bed, not awake?

Please check those sleep habits of the patient that are disturbing to you:

☐ Snores
☐ Restless
☐ Wakes up often
☐ Loud gasping for breath while sleeping
☐ Stops breathing
☐ Grinds teeth
☐ Becoming very rigid or shaking
☐ Biting tongue
☐ Kicking during sleep
☐ Head rocking or banging
☐ Bed-wetting
☐ Sleep walking
☐ Sleep talking

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