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Cleanings are a very individual service as no two cleanings are exactly alike.  The build up of plaque and tartar or scale is different from person to person. Plaque is made up of a biofilm of bacteria, calcium from the saliva, and food.  It can form both above and below the gums. As the bacteria process the food, an acid is produced that can cause cavities.  As plaque sits longer on the teeth, scale begins to form. When the scale gets thicker, the gum tissue will pull away from the teeth.  This can affect your bone health around your teeth and can make your gums bleed or your teeth loosen.  Removal of the scale helps to keep your mouth healthy along with regular brushing and flossing. Gum disease is usually painless until later stages when it becomes too late to save your teeth. We use a variety of methods to help reduce and prevent the effects of gum disease.

Having healthy gums is vital to having your teeth for a lifetime.